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Awesome Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Magic Unboxing Experience

The Problem with Trying New Things

Are you the type of guy (or girl) that finds it hard to transition to that new thing? I empathize with you and want to share my incredible Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max unboxing experience.

It could best be explained as hesitancy.  Such as waiting for someone to jump in the water before you do.  If you have struggled with being the first to try new things, then you would probably agree that you were born with it.  This trait is largely viewed by society as negative or undesirable, to say the least.  Likewise, it’s not considered a key leadership attribute.

In a world where you are expected to take risks to be successful.  A lack thereof can leave you feeling out of touch and behind times.

Clearly, good defensive driving skills are one of two positives as a result of this weakness.  I call it the Floyd Mayweather Jr. gift.  For the most part, it is the ability to not only be aware of one’s driving but also watch out for errors and mistakes from others.  Capitalize, correct, avoid the accident without panicking and overreacting, just like the boxing champ. 

Above all, I have NOT been known to “follow the crowd”.  In the same way, I am my own man and rarely fold to peer pressure and ridiculous social norms. 

On the other hand, I realize not transitioning to that “new thing” might have limited my growth and stunted my ability to take risks.

Caution being the angel on one shoulder.  The devil on the other, reminding me of ALL the opportunities I missed out on because I chronically hesitate. 

With this in mind, read my incredible Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max unboxing experience.  Expect to understand why flexibility is good and that this phone might be for you.  Also, the screen is huge!  After all, size matters to me and I hope it does to you as well.

Christmas Morning: You Bought Me Soap??!

Don’t laugh. 

My wife just upgraded me to the iPhone 12 Pro Max from the iPhone 7 Plus.  Yes, you heard me right.  It should be noted, the iPhone 7 Plus was originally released in September of 2016.  Even so, I had several opportunities to upgrade along the way.  As mentioned before, when Apple rings its annual “new release” bell, it’s unlikely I will be first in line.

Christmas morning, I ripped the wrapping paper off the cube-shaped box.  At first glance, I thought that my wife gifted me some kind of men’s soap or cologne. 

“You got me soap”??

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max box package
iPhone 12 Pro Max unwrapped

The room filled with laughter as I shifted the Dodgers cap on my head.

Just when I thought our marital gift standards had deteriorated, my eyes focused on the package image.

What is this image? I thought.

Suddenly I discovered I was looking at a brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max.  Wow!  What a surprise.

I expected Apple packaging to be white and bear the familiar logo of the apple that Eve took a bite out of (lame joke – sorry).

Besides, I have no idea what this mark is.  Best guess is that it is a reference to the space-time continuum.  Or maybe the portal we go through when we die.

I’ve scoured the internet and can’t find the answer.  If you find out, please leave a comment and tell me.

The Unboxing Experience


Fear is really what it comes down to.  It’s that “Pennywise the Dancing Clown” from the movie It, that shows up every few years when the occasional purchase upgrade is made. Holidays included.

Initially, the item almost always proves to be a distraction.  The time spent on set-up, reading instructions, and data transfer mean something important goes on the backburner.

I call it “new-ish anxiety”.  It is the anxiety that comes with buying new “ish”.

Regardless, it’s still a love-hate and pain-pleasure ordeal.

I tend to enjoy the unboxing experience the most.  I prefer to fast forward the rest.  At least until the “new car smell” has worn off.

FINALLY, I pull the tab on the plastic covering.  Next, I slowly opened the box.  Always concerned I’m going to lose a piece (this fear goes back to childhood).

The grandiose iPhone 12 Pro Max appeared in all its splendor when I removed the top of the box.

The first thing I noticed was the large screen size.  Great first impression.

Super Size me, baby! 

Size Matters

It was huge and I could tell even without powering the phone on.  The screen size improvement is a plus as I prefer large displays.  They are favorable when watching Netflix and YouTube videos.

Next, I noted the weight of the iPhone.  Balancing one phone in each hand, I concluded that the iPhone 12 Pro Max weighed more than the iPhone 7 Plus even with the Otterbox cover on it.

Furthermore, the 12 Pro Max appeared to have more depth and less rounded corners than the 7 Plus.

I checked the box once more to confirm that I wasn’t holding a Samsung Galaxy Note in my hand.

Nevertheless, I do not consider the iPhone weight negative.  I thought the current trend is to make phones as thin and light as possible while increasing functionality.  If so, then “Houston, we have a problem”.

Below is a compare of the dimension and weight specs: iPhone 12 Pro Max vs. iPhone 7 Plus:

 iPhone 12 Pro MaxiPhone 7 Plus
Height6.33 inches6.23 inches
Width3.07 inches3.07 inches
Depth0.29 inches0.29 inches
Weight8.03 ounces6.63 ounces

Although the dimensions align closely, the 6.7-inch screen size, facial recognition, and a 3687 mAh long-life battery make the iPhone 12 Pro Max heavier than the iPhone 7 Plus.  The iPhone 12 Pro Max body size is relatively the same.  The addition of these benefits, plus much more, is well worth the additional ounce in weight.

The most fascinating part of the iPhone 12 Pro Max colors is the Pacific Blue, which I refer to as Executive Blue.  My wife selected this color because it will match the new HP Spectre x360 Convertible laptop that I plan to purchase next month.   

Also, I found the mini-USB cable and SIM card release tool in the box.  I pitched the safety compliance documentation and the “bitten apple” sticker.

Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel

We live in a material world.  So let’s talk about iPhone material.

The iPhone 7 Plus has a glass face with a rear recyclable aluminum enclosure.  The matte black color was my first choice for a smooth design and rounded edges.  The uniform texture can be described as something spaceships are made of. 

Not thrilled about the Otterbox protective case.  Paying close to a grand for The iPhone 7 Plus. In spite of shelling out extra cash to protect it.  I don’t understand why companies invest resources into material and design development for the consumer to cover it up.  I hope Apple corners the market and builds the next generation in durable tough case material.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a textured glass and stainless steel design.  It’s heavy and sturdy design exudes quality.  Like a well-crafted notebook PC, this phone is durable enough to surpass the competition.

Consequently, the iPhone 12 Pro Max packs more in-pocket bulge than its aluminum predecessor, the iPhone 7 Plus.    

I’ll be honest.  The shape and feel of the Pro Max were “deja vu” and “I’ve seen you before”.  Think Samsung Galaxy Note 5 minus the stylus.

Again, the “saving grace” for this phone was the superb increase in screen size from the 7 Plus.

I ordered the Zagg Invisible ShieldGlass Screen Protector for a bubble and blemish-free installation.  Also, I purchased the Otterbox Symmetry Clear Case for maximum protection.  I selected the clear option as I want to show off the Executive Blue color.

Level up with the Montblanc Calfskin hard leather case.

Apple Care

I chose to store the phone in the box after the SIM Card transfer to prevent possible damage from an accidental drop.

I recommend purchasing Apple Care for this phone.  The standard price is $200.  Add theft and loss protection for $270 total.  If you are a little low on cash after your huge phone purchase, don’t worry.  Apple will allow you to make payments of $10 or $13.50 per month pending the selected level of protection.

I have never lost, damaged, or had a phone stolen.  In case that happens, I prefer to pay the $100 deductible over a gigantic $500 plus repair bill.  Or even worse, shell out another $1,200 for a new one.

My Ex

My experience with Android (Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – released August 2015) – like the size, but worked poor with Apple Music files

Long before I answered the call to accept Apple iPhone into my life, I was married to a girl called Ann.

Ann is short for Andriod.

If you catch my drift, once upon a time I owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.  This is an important detail to share as it discloses why I have a preference for the iPhone Pro Max 12. Similarly, the Galaxy Note had a large display that helped to better view the content. Subsequently, the phone possessed powerful zoom capabilities.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that was originally released in August of 2015, has dimensions that are similar to the iPhone 12 Pro Max.  Surprisingly, the Note 5 weighed two ounces less than the eight-ounce Pro Max.

Interesting facts, but don’t let this deter you from becoming a 12 Pro Max owner.  Apple has added almost an entire inch to the display and equipped best-in-class battery power.

Despite Samsung’s issues with the Galaxy Note, it goes to show you that we humans generally stick with what we truly like.

It would be great if Apple allowed us to custom build our own iPhone.  We could pick any feature used on current and past models. In this case, I would choose the aluminum iPhone 7 Plus in all matte black or executive blue. 

I prefer the aluminum because the edges are rounded and the chassis appears slimmer.  Also, I would include the camera, screen size, and battery from the iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

This means that I would sacrifice the fingerprint reader for facial recognition.

And why does the police station take fingerprints? 

Shouldn’t we just go to Apple?

Scan them in and upload them to iCloud.

iPhone 7 Plus

I don’t remember the reason why I switched to an iPhone from Android.

But I think it had something to do with music.

Born in the mid-70s, my father owned a car with an 8 track player.

For all you young folk, that means pop the track in and let it play.  No fast forward, no rewind.

Moreover, my father owned a vast record collection with record players in almost every room of the house.

My first cassette was either Run DMC or Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill.

It was Christmas time in my junior year of high school (1992) that I bought my first Compact Disc.  The Chronic by Dr. Dre.  And I made sure that I could bump it in my ride.

I wrote all of this to make a point.  Living through so many generations of music and how it was delivered.

With every passing decade brings new technology.  I realized the access to, delivery, and utilization of music is just as important as the music itself.

I wanted to standardize my music files, purchase and store them in one place.  Also, I wanted to purchase and download music through iTunes without any issues or errors.

With that said, the iPhone 7 Plus was one of the best purchases I have made in the last decade.  This phone is aesthetically superior to any phone I’ve owned.  The functionality was best-in-class.  The iTunes, Music, and Maps app resolved several issues I was experiencing on the Andriod platform.

The Apple IOS operating system is the clear winner over Android.

Last Words

In conclusion, don’t be afraid to elevate and try something new.  The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max release date was August of 2020 so the phone is still new.  If you prefer a larger screen, awesome camera, and battery life, then this is the device for you.  Without a doubt, iPhones are not just phones, they are ever-evolving into robots.  You’re already in the matrix.  Might as well keep your eyes open.

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