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TOP 5 New Era Hats YOU Want to Wear

Without a doubt, another weekend is quickly approaching, and finding the right hat to go with your outfit is essential. Deep down you want the casual look that will set you apart.  Suddenly you realize, nothing will polish off your swag like the right ballcap to cover your cranium. Whether you have a head full of hair or rocking a “baldie,” stop into your local Lids store and pick up one of our recommended Top 5 New Era hats.

New Era Caps

New Era, a company that produces over 65 million baseball caps per year, offers the top 5 baseball hats that are a “must-have”  and deserve a spot in your closet or shelf space.

Have you overlooked certain 59FIFTY selections because they aren’t the ball team of your local city?  If this is YOU, there is no love lost. It is okay to wear the team colors and symbols of opposing cities for fashion purposes.  The attire and footwear will show that your headgear is fashion-based and not fanaticism.  For instance, if you live in San Francisco, make a flexible impression by donning the New York Yankees baseball hat.  The handstitched NY symbol goes a long way especially when the golf green C-cover (bottom brim) blends with the navy-blue, A-cover (crown).  When in doubt, elect for the authentic On-Field Game Fitted Collection, a toned-down version that matches many clothing options.

Top 5 New Era Hats

#1 New York Yankees hat
Fashion model wearing a New Era New York Yankees cap. Top 5 New Era Hats
Fashion model sporting NY Yankees cap. Photo by Marcelo Chagas

Yes, the 1999 World Series Champions.  The NY logo is as recognizable as the McDonald’s Golden Arches.  A city with a population of 8 million strong, made up of the historical five boroughs, and is considered the financial, cultural, and media capital of the world.  Home of Wall Street, the birthplace of Hip-Hop, and a skyline of skyscrapers unmatched by any other city.  For the reasons mentioned, the Yankee hat is the perfect selection and is regarded as acceptable at parties, gatherings, venues, and most social events.

Although the hat comes in several color options, we recommend the standard navy blue A/B-cover, white NY lettering, and cloudy gray C-cover.  Wear it orthodox style and only switch to southpaw on the basketball court or in the gym.

#2 Los Angeles Dodgers hat 
New Era 59Fifty LA Dodgers hat.  Top 5 New Era Hats

To live and die in LA.  Don’t let the Dodger blue fool you.  The white embroidered LA logo has clout, exudes dominance, and warrants respect when seen on your noggin.  After all, we’re talking about the City of Angeles.  In our collective opinion, there is no other city on the planet like Los Angeles.  Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood, Staples Center, sunny beaches, and celebrities. This hat vibes with a fresh hoodie and your favorite dark-colored jeans.  For the men, level up with a sporty blazer.  Ladies can opt for a mini tank dress.  We recommend you choose the black C-cover for a semi-dressy option.  Gray or green C-deck is perfect for casual dress. The LA cap is a close second place in our Top 5 New Era hats list.

#3 Houston Astros hat
Top 5 New Era Hats.  Houston Astros 59Fifty cap

Don’t mess with Texas!  The mighty white “H” on top of the bold orange star shines like the sun with the all-navy A cover (even the C-cover).  The sweatband is always a relaxed fit on the forehead.  Represent the “HOU” in a headpiece that fits all genres, cultures, genders, and creeds.

#4 Cleveland Indians hat 
New Era 59Fifty Cleveland Indians Hat.

The home of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Browns Dawg Pound football organization.  The Indians are a respectable team with above-average performance over the past decade, despite a grueling Game 7 loss to the Chicago Cubs in the 2016 World Series.  Even though the traditional Indians logo, Chief Wahoo, is one of our favs, sadly it didn’t make the cut.  The all-blue deck hat with the royal red “C” logo eclipses the logo of its Ohio neighbor, the Cincinnati Reds, to become the go-to hat for upscale style.  Furthermore, the red boxed-font logo is bold, cutting-edge, and meshes with your favorite like-styled letterman jacket.

#5 Boston Red Sox hat
Boston Red Sox hat

The coolest All-American baseball cap with a simplistic touch and upscale look.  The 2018 World Series Champions have proven to be an outstanding team throughout history.  Buy the 39THIRTY and Sport it “orthodox.”

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